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Had a great time with these young brothas on Saturday

Shoutout to this exceptional group of young men that participated in my session at the STEAM Xplosion this past weekend.  I told them I would post a couple images of the geometric arts pieces, as well as the code blocks used to generate the images.

Most of these young men use the internet on a regular basis…but had never built anything on the web.  I challenged them to change that…and introduced them to a tool that can build art, presentations, even video games.

Here you go gentlemen. These two are the two I showed as examples on Saturday. Remember they are based upon a circle. Can you identify the code blocks that draw the circle?

circle art 1 - flower

circle art 2

Here are the two designs based upon a hexagon instead of a circle.

hegagon art

hegagon art 2

Also notice that both pairs of images are essentially the same.  There are two numbers that were switched to get the extremely different designs for each pair of images. What happens when you change some of the other numbers? What designs are your favorite?

You can find this software to play with here:

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