Brothaman Tech Incubator


Who is this program for?

High school boys who self-identify as Black, or African-American.  Our target is freshman & sophomores, but all high school students are encouraged to apply.

Where and when do the cadets meet?

Online check-ins happen throughout the day.  There are two mandatory monthly sessions at Game It Up HQ, located at 1023 N. Ainsworth St.  There are also an optional monthly social gathering.  In addition, the GameLab is open every Thursday from 2-8 pm for students work on homework, projects, or just log time on their developmental plans.  Additional sessions are scheduled as needed to meet deadlines.

What projects will the students work on?

There are currently three group projects.  One is a website build for a client, one is a video game related content development series, and the other will be developed by the cadets themselves.

What tools will the cadets learn?

It really depends on the role they gravitate towards over the course of the session.  We use Adobe & Corel products for design work.  We use WordPress for many web development projects.  There are a variety of tools the cadets will be exposed to.  Cadets will work on Windows PC & tablets, iPads, and other computing devices as needed.  Game consoles are used for game and content development, as well as recreational use.